JodieBowie : Favourite Vocalists

I thought it’s about time I start a new series on this blog, SO I thought it would be interesting to share who my favourite musicians are – however, this is going to be specifically for unsigned/New Wave of Classic Rock muso’s, as I think it’s fairly damn obvious who my favourite musicians are. Let’s get cracking shall we 🙂



If we’re being honest, Nathan James is just the most majestic lion I’ve ever seen – give Aslan a good run for his money! The vocal range this dude has works so well with Inglorious – it gives them their distinct sound, and I love it. I find his voice absolutely beautiful, you can 100% hear his passion, talent and emotion when he sings – I really love that in a singer, it’s very important in my opinion to be able to experience exactly how a vocalist wants to portray a song, if that makes sense? Total respect for Nathan ❤

I Don’t Know You – Inglorious



If I could sing like anyone, or sing with someone, it would be Scott Taylor of Mason Hill hands down. Ever since discovering them, I have wanted to sing with him and I actually practise their songs daily and I believe I have improved a lot vocally since. Scott’s voice is pretty much my happy place – the power his vocals have inspire me daily, not just musically but in all my ambitions. Like they reach into my soul and give me the strength to go for my wildest dreams. Everything a musician should inspire!

Where I Belong – Mason Hill



I find Chez’s voice so inspiring. Her voice is utterly stunning, as is she! You can totally get lost in her vocals, I daydream about being as talented as Chez – no one else really has a voice like hers, so I can keep daydreaming 😉 Her voice is so powerful, imagine if she collaborated with Nathan James…………!
In my opinion, Chez makes songs sound beautiful. I really love it when a song can be changed just because someone else has sung it, and it sounds even more incredible in their voice, if that makes sense.

Faster – Within Temptation Cover



Had to include this dude for sure – I love Chris Payn’s voice, and have done for such a long time in all truthfulness. In my opinion he has a pretty voice and also a rock ‘n’ roll voice, I get so distracted by his voice when I go to see him live, everyone else might as well be invisible really because I just go off into my own little world. Totally think I’m weird if you wish, I just feel and experience music differently to other people.

Queen Medley



My all time favourite singer is Paul Weller. I don’t think you can really beat Paul Weller, to me his voice sounds like melted chocolate…. like melted lindt chocolate, the luxurious variety. His voice makes me melt, into a pool of relaxation and comfort. No one else has that effect on me. I guess his voice makes me feel safe; like a warm tight hug – or as the Welsh would say… a cwtch!

Hopefully you guys have found some awesome new vocalists, or at least agree with some of my choices 🙂 I love singing, I wish I was confident enough to actually do it live and with a band because I would absolutely love to, but my confidence was shattered a while back and it’s now a secret passion of mine.

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Seeya on the next 😉

Jodie x ❤ x

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JodieBowie : My Opinion on the Michael Jackson Controversy

Seeing as this is such a big thing at the moment and its music related, I thought I’d express my opinion/views in a blog. I feel like there is quite a bit to say but at the same time I don’t want to come across as uncaring, disrespectful or having the ‘wrong opinion’ – however, I do feel there are a few things I’d like to say on the matter. Feel free to not read this if you’re not into this sort of thing. 

I’m guessing most people are clued up on the “Leaving Neverland” Documentary about two young lads who were allegedly abused by Michael Jackson.
Most people are in a 50/50 situation – either MJ is guilty or MJ is innocent.


I do not feel like I have the right to ‘decide’ what the truth is. Jackson is no longer here to defend himself, and if the allegations are true I can totally sympathise and appreciate how hard this must be for the two men involved (however, I can’t say I would personally want to make a 4 hour documentary on the subject as I wouldn’t feel that that would personally help me ‘move on’). I personally do not feel that anyone has the right to decide who’s telling the truth and who is lying – at the end of the day only 3 people know the full truth, and that is the two boys & Michael Jackson, but like I said Michael is no longer here so the only side we are going to get is that of the boys.

My first opinion is :
IF (and I’m fully putting emphasis on the IF here) Michael Jackson is guilty of these accusations, then in my personal opinion, he isn’t actually 100% fully to blame.
If we go back a few years and look at the Ian Watkins case, not only was he blamed for his crimes but the parents of the children involved were also blamed and punished as well. I think this should stand strongly in this case as well.
Why is Michael getting 100% of the blame, having his music banned from radio stations, having people say “YOU decide if he’s innocent or not” when he would have had to have had help in the first place to commit these alleged crimes.
The parents of the two boys were obviously aware of where their kids were going, what they were doing, and if they left them alone in the company of a total stranger (lets be honest, he is a total stranger) then I personally feel that they should also take some of the blame here – at least 50% of it.


My second opinion is : 
If Michael Jackson is guilty, why has it taken these specific two people this long to come out about what happened? We are all aware that there were investigations taking place whilst Jackson was alive and could defend himself… so why now? After all these years after his death? I personally find it a rather peculiar timing.
Why not when he first died? and why not when he was being investigated? These boys may have been the ones to prove him guilty…. but they’ve waited till now? I’m in no way judging these guys as I can totally understand how hard it is – but from my personal point of view, if I was going to say something I probably would’ve said it either when I knew he was already being investigated and needed extra evidence to prove him guilty OR when he had actually died. To wait 10 whole years to say anything, and then to only say something via a 4 hour long documentary…. for me, I find that a little odd. If you’re going to wait 10 years, I’d personally say you might as well take it to the grave at this point – that is MY opinion. There isn’t really anything that can be done, Michael is not here to apologise, he is not here to get punished – the only thing that can be done is compensation and ever-lasting damage to his legacy as the “King of Pop”.


My third opinion is:
If Michael Jackson is innocent; why are we banning his music?
Banning his music isn’t going to help anyone. It wont help the ‘victims’ and it wont help his fans or family. Gary Glitters music is still accessible… and he wasn’t even that good as a musician if we are being honest… so why we doing it to MJ?
Even if he is guilty I’d still like access to his music – I can’t say I’m a relentless listener to his music, but for a start Halloween isn’t going to be the same ever again without ‘Thriller’. I don’t think that there is a Michael Jackson song that I don’t like – in fact he’s one of the reasons I wanted to get pet rats in the first place (reference to the song Ben). Jackson is an incredibly huge part of music history – no matter what, he can’t be written out of it.
Gary Glitter, yes, his music was nothing out of the ordinary – however, Michael Jackson…. he is a legend, he needs to be recognised in music history, it just wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t taken out of it, there would be a massive gap and nothing would really make sense.


My forth opinion is : 
If Michael Jackson is innocent, can we just leave him be?
He has been proven innocent over 14 times by the FBI whilst he was alive, which is pretty substantial – to my knowledge I think the two men involved have previously been proved as liars? but I’m not 100% on that fact so please do not quote me on that. If that is the truth, just leave him the hell alone because now we are damaging the legacy and reputation of a dead man for absolutely no reason. The only reason these two men would be doing this is purely for financial gain – although it has been said that they have taken no payment for this documentary. Why is it 4 hours long?
All of the Jimmy Savile documentaries I have seen are all 1 hour long – and he was an incredibly prolific abusers with a heck of a lot of evidence and victims; so why has Michael Jackson got a 4 hour documentary, with just 2 victims speaking? I’m not judging anyone, it just seems like an incredibly long piece of film – it’s 2 movies worth of footage… someone must be cashing in on that somewhere…


My final opinion is:
Is this really the right way of dealing with accusations such as this one? To make a 4 hour documentary? I personally feel there would’ve been better ways to deal with these accusations if they are indeed true.
I also really do not like the idea that we/us as the general public are being told to watch this documentary and “make our own minds up” – no thanks. I personally do not want to make my own mind up on whether someone is a paedophile or not. They either ARE or they AREN’T. I don’t feel like I have the right to say someone is or isn’t, especially when they are not even around anymore. In my opinion there should be substantial FACT that Michael DID do these crimes, or a substantial amount of evidence that he DIDN’T – it isn’t up to me or the general public to determine that whatsoever. Seeing as there is a lot of evidence in his favour of being not guilty, my judgement is going with that until it has been seriously and factually proven otherwise. 
However many people say ‘money’ isn’t a part of all of this – someone is making a hell of a lot of money out of this, I doubt any media company would make a 4 hour feature length documentary for free……..

I will also NOT be watching the documentary as I do not want my views to count towards the encouragement of these sort of programmes. They are disrespectful to the victims, the accuser, and the friends and family of all of those involved. Abuse isn’t something anyone should be making money or a TV programme out of.


To add to that lastly, there are far more dangerous people out there that we do not have information on. I’m taking this moment to say I much rather know what Jon Venables is up to right now, where he is, what he looks like and why he’s been put back into prison so many times – THAT is a case that we should be fighting and focusing on. We are letting a child murderer out on our streets, time and time again and giving him so many second chances that no other convicted paedophile has ever had – yet we are focusing on the fact that MJ ‘might‘ be a paedophile. COME ON! Which one is still a danger to children here…. 

I won’t link my social media in this one as I don’t want to promote myself – I’m simply expressing an opinion.

See you guys on the next one.

Jodie ❤

Band Chat : An Interview with Jordan Watts

It’s baaack!! Here’s another Band Chat for all you lovely people, this time feature a local up and coming artist… Mr. Jordan Watts of 27 Days. 


27 Days are a young glam rock band based in Bournemouth. These guys have been spotted on festival line-ups such as Teddy Rocks and Poole Harbour Festival to name but a few. I can assure you I am not bias at all, these guys deserve a listen to if you have a spare moment – let’s help these guys get recognised in the NWOCR community!
The band are also playing NOZFEST this year, and you can catch them before the big date at a Rock Night on the 29th March at the Heartbreakers in Southampton. Totally recommend coming down and catching them!

I have known Jordan for 2/3 years now, I’ve pretty watched him blossom into the person he is now. Jordan also plays acoustic shows around Bournemouth as a solo artist and also an acoustic duo under the name of Velvet Rose – there will be links below where you can check out some of their upcoming dates.


Have you always wanted to be a musician?
For as long as I can remember, music has always been the epicentre of my life. Growing up I never really fit in much and spent a long time searching for ‘my thing’, and when I saw musicians do what they did, I knew that was going to be me.

Who are your biggest influences?
I would have to say as a band, Guns N Roses are one of my biggest influences. I’ve always loved their music and the way they gel as musicians. They have a chemistry that you just can’t force in a line-up and its so organic. Another massive band that inspires me would be Aerosmith; Steven Tyler is a god of style and I’ve always loved his technical vocal ability. Lastly I’d have to say a big modern influence of mine is The Darkness, because I think they just sum up the tongue in cheek aspect of rock that I love and are one of the few modern bands flying the flag for rock!

Do you have any tips for other young musicians who are looking to go down the same path?
My Two tips are; 1. NEVER give up, because it will get hard and there will be times when this business kicks you down to your knees, but as long as you hold on to the love for it and the fire for it that you had when you first picked up and instrument, you will be fine. Tip number 2: you need to dedicate yourself 100% to music as a career if you want to do it because otherwise it wont happen for you, as cliché as it sounds, it really is a lifestyle not a career.

What is your favourite song, of your own, to play live?
My favourite song to play is either our brand new single ‘Dead Man Walking’ because the parts blend really nicely and it has a lot of energy, or the ballad on our album called ‘Stay Close To Me’ as this song has some of the highest notes in it I’ve ever sung and is an homage to a lot of the classic power ballads I love.

What is your personal greatest achievement in music so far?
That’s a difficult question to answer! I mean personally one of my greatest achievements in my eyes is the development of my voice to build a rock tone that I love! With my band I’m very proud to say that the great Bernie Marsden, former guitarist of Whitesnake, said he really likes our album so that was cool!

Do you think that image plays an important part when it comes to performing live?
I think image is incredibly important to create the whole aura of an artist, and the way I dress I think is and indicator of that. When I turn up for a gig, you KNOW I’m in the band, and that’s the way it should be.

You’re heavily influenced by the 1980’s. Is there a particular reason for that?
I think the 80’s for me is one of my favourite periods because it was a time of decadence, and it was about using music to escape your worries and I think that is important. Also the 80’s hard rock bands just have a swagger that I think is lost to a lot of today’s bands, and unfortunately I think the 80’s was one of the last great eras for rock (though I aim to change that.)

What is your favourite thing about performing live on stage?
I love the buzz of having a whole crowd in the palm of my hands, and I think its a real thrill to have a whole bunch of people singing my songs!

If you could host a dinner party, with any musicians (dead or alive), who would you invite and why?
Now that’s difficult! I think firstly I’d want Slash there because he’s just such a nice guy and a big inspiration to me, then I think I’d have Keith Richards, because he’s just the archetypal god of rock n roll, and lastly I’d have Stevie Nicks there, because not only is her style very inspiring to mine, but I’ve also always had a massive crush on her!

Your favourite album of all time?
Appetite. For. Destruction. No questions, that is my favourite album ever, as it just has tune after tune on it and it really saved true rock and roll from the over saturation of cheesy pop metal in the late 80’s! Second to that would be the Purple Rain album by Prince, because sonically its a masterpiece and purple is a colour I’ve always related to.

How do you find inspiration for your songs?
It’s so subjective really; sometimes I’ll be on a mission to write a song with a specific message, but if I want to really tap into my creativity, my favourite place to go is a quiet, and secret little beach house my family own down in Cornwall. It’s lovely there and at the right time of the year you have the whole beach to yourself.

What is your favourite song to cover and why?
My favourite song to cover is Purple Rain, because for whatever reason, I really really resonate with that song. The whole thing is a masterpiece, from the gently chorused guitar to the soft strings. The message is just everything I stand for.

Do you have any funny stories from being on the road?
Well, I’m in a rock band, so I could incriminate myself to all sorts of hysterically dreadful things we’ve done on the road! In the studio when we were recording our album, me and the lead guitarist Steven, made our drummer Phil a ‘Hot Chocolate’. He thought it was just a normal hot chocolate but we’d secretly put crushed up Viagra in it and within half an hour he was having some serious genital issues haha!

What do you feel is your most iconic stage outfit – for yourself?
That is a difficult question because I wear all sorts of strange, flamboyant items of clothing! My favourite pair of jeans are my flares! I love anything with a flared leg or flared sleeve! I also have a feather hair clip I wear alot! Jewellery wise I have a few items that are always on me; two rings I really love and a gothic crucifix necklace I’m rarely seen without. My favourite thing to pair that with is a blue and black tiger print satin gown I bought in Camden, and I’m also usually wearing some New Rock cowboy boots!

Name 3 bands you think everyone should check out:
Well first, I hate to be that guy, but 27 DAYS. Our new single ‘Dead Man Walking’ is out on all platforms now and we’re starting to get it picked up by people so have a listen!Secondly I think everyone should check out a Liverpool band called Ashen Reach. We toured with them a while back and as well as being a lovely bunch of guys, they can always be counted on to provide a scathing blast of hard rock!
Lastly everyone should definitely check out one of my favourite hair metal bands from the 80’s called Cinderella! Tom Keifer’s voice is astounding and I recommend: ‘Love’s Got Me Doin Time’ if you want a song with some groove, or ‘Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone’ if you want a good old 80’s power ballad!


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I hope you guys have enjoyed this band chat, and have hopefully found some inspiration! Don’t forget to check out my previous band chat with Sam Millar of Bigfoot.

Have a fabulous day!

Jodie x ❤ x

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Top 5 Songs of February

Hello again beautiful! Did you receive lots of loving in February? No worries, me neither! Here’s some bangers to keep ya’ll going 😉  Check out last months top 5 here.

Remember there is a YouTube playlist which includes all these wonderful songs from each month, and also a Spotify playlist which you can find via searching for ‘jodieharris15‘.


“we made something of nothing…”

I saw these guys support Inglorious – fantastic band! Blew everyone off the stage in my opinion. This banger was stuck in my head for days after, and was on repeat on my Spotify pretty much all the time. Definitely need to keep my eyes open and on the look out for these guys. Does anyone else get a bit of a Airbourne vibe from these guys?
Proper going to work tune, going out tune or even coming home tune YAS! These guys are definitely a new favourite of mine.


“Does she brush your hair from your face?…”

I was lucky enough to listen to the album before the original release date – and this tune was one that stuck on my brain. To be honest, it’s been super tough to pick one song; I recommend listening to the whole album. My Spotify actually plays 3 particular songs in order every single time I put it on shuffle now :’)
I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks, my head has been confused as heck – after many long detailed conversations with several of my best friends, I’ve somewhat come to a decision… think “You & I” may just some up a little tiny bit of what I am feeling/thinking right now; but this is an absolute tune and probably my fave from the new album. Promise I’m okay though – everything will be okay in the end, life is life.


Take a piece of my heart, just tear it apart and throw it away…

I am so so proud of these guys! George my love, you are freakin’ awesome and I’m so pleased you’ve found confidence to become a frontman – it really suits you! Cannot wait to catch up with you guys in June ❤ Some of you may know this band previously as Freeway Mad or Louder Still; but they are back and are better than ever. I am loving the intro and that riff! We all should know I am an absolute sucker for riffy bands. This tune is proper old school rock ‘n’ roll.


All the things I wanted to do, are so much better when I’m with you…”

I found this song on the 4th Feb. It was a song I had on repeat during a very very very tough morning – only one person really knows what happened that morning; but this was a tune that really touched my heart in that moment. Only sad thing is, it takes me back to that morning and reminds me of all the feelings that I was feeling during that time. It totally is an incredible song though, they are an absolutely awesome band, and I cannot wait to see them play live next week with Those Damn Crows ❤


“Had your pleasure now here’s your pain, now the nights seem to drive you insane…”

I won weekend passes for HRH Sleaze didn’t I 😉 I am so thrilled I am going to see Vain again, and actually be able to enjoy the weekend ❤ Pretty much everyone I know is going, so I thought I might as well claim mine. I didn’t have a great experience the first time, but I’m going with genuine best friends and a group of people I trust 100% so hopefully this time it’ll be feckin’ awesome. I also have a far better wardrobe 😉
I can remember watching Vain perform this live, and just being in awe of the frontman and thinking “damn, this is really what I want to be doing with the rest of my life”. I can also clearly remember being desperate to put on my own HRH….. guess I got lucky there with Nozfest ❤

I hope you guys have enjoyed this months Top 5! Feel free to shout out some recommendations to me. Also, don’t forget to give me a stalk on Social Media :
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Cloven Hoof Rum

See you on the next ones my loves!

Jodie x ❤ x

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Top 10 Songs by Marc Bolan & T.Rex

I am thinking of making this a little series actually. I’ve recently been listening to the Bolan again, and thought doing a Top 10 T.Rex seemed like a fun little idea. Marc Bolan was literally my teen phase… I was a right little glam rocker from the ages of 13 – 17. Let’s have a look shall we…. dive into my childhood!

Marc Bolan & T Rex File Photos

Little fun fact for you guys, I used to attend “Clive’s Rock School” and one year we got a float at the Milford on Sea carnival….. and I dressed up as Marc Bolan.. yes I did! I must have been about 14 years old, but I was freaking awesome!
Also, I can put my hand safely on my heart and say that I am no singer; however, I did teach myself how to sing like Marc Bolan, and still to this day when a T.Rex song is played that natural vibrato comes back… like reawakening a hidden accent. The first song I ever learnt to play on guitar was “Cosmic Dancer” and I learnt that myself, sat listening to a record… didn’t google the chords or nothing. I’m not a musician, but that is a little proud moment for myself 🙂
I think Marc was my first crush as well – which is funny because he’s such a pretty boy! Nowaday I like a rough looking lad haha.


14 Years Old as the Godfather of Punk! Mr.Marc Bolan.

I recently went and saw “20th Century Boy” the Musical again. I totally recommend the show to everyone and anyone, fan or not! It wasn’t as historically accurate as the old script, but to hear Bolan’s music played in the style of a musical…… breath taking.
George Maguire did a fantastic job!

Right… in no particular order….

“I got the horrors, cos I’m one inch tall”
This was the song I would sit and practice until my vibrato was on point! The intro is bloody fantastic; no one has a clue what he’s singing, but we all copy it don’t we.

“In winds of passion, my whip is lashing”
This is actually my favourite song by Bolan. Lyrically, musically GENIUS! I feel like I’m 15 again when I hear this song – it’s a proper throw back track for me. This was the time I wanted to be a rockstar, I swear if you watch me dance at any gig I’m probably a mini Marc. I get far too excited over music; I just love it so much… friends will know, going anywhere with me is an embarrassment waiting to happen, because drunk, tipsy or sober, at some point in the evening or even daytime I will HAVE to dance…. and I can’t & wont stop! ❤

“People put you down cos you’re too low on the ground”
This was my ‘anti-bullying’ song. I got bullied A LOT for being so young, and being into a band like T.Rex; I got on better with my teachers than I did the kids.

“Lean clean woman lay a kiss on me”
Futuristic Dragon is one hell of an album. This is probably one of the more well known songs from that period.

“It’s a shame how you unzip my winter poetry”
Such a gorgeous tune! How could one not include this.

“I could’ve chained your heart to a star”
Some of you will know he did a duet with Cilla Black on the Cilla Black Show.

“Baby, you think your champ but girl, you ain’t nothing but a…”
I did get into Bolan via Dad as T.Rex is his favourite band. He gave me his record player from when he was my age, set it up in my room through a proper amplifier etc, and gave me the Electric Warrior album and this was the first song we listened to together. I used to play this one before school, and I used to turn the speed up on it to give it a bit more edge actually! Following into Electric Boogie, felt like a right rockstar 😉

“Rainy, Lady, Queen of the Rock”
I’m including this song, as Guns ‘n’ Roses did a blistering cover of this track from The Slider. For those Heavy Rock fans, thought this song might appeal to you as well as educate you. I love when people tell me that Guns ‘n’ Roses would never cover “a crap band like T.Rex”…… well sorry, but they did. Who do you think inspired your idols? It’s a full circle my loves.

“Exalted companion of cocaine nights”
After hearing this being performed as part of a musical, it just sends chills down my spine. It’s so emotional as a musical masterpiece. It was used as the scene for his funeral… I was in tears. So emotional!

“Well it’s plain to see, you were meant for me”.
Well we’ve got to include one commercial song haven’t we now! Now, if you want to know how to play this tune on guitar PROPERLY, then I am your girl. There is so much passion for music in this guy, it’s unreal. Nowadays people seem to lose the fun side of music, come on guys! I want to see that passion in people’s eyes when they love a song or an artists so much that you can feel that excitable energy just exuberate through them, and go into their own little world of joy… I love talking to people about music I love, without having to state facts. It’s better than having sex – like if a guy said “wanna come to mine and listen to a record?” I’M THERE! People start doing Podcasts or reviews and lose the passion… the world doesn’t run on facts. BE PASSIONATE!!!!

Sshh… I’m adding another cheeky tune

“I’m gonna dance, with my princess” 
Technically this is a Tyrannosaurus Rex song BUT you can’t be a Bolan lover and completely skip over his first records. Don’t forget his work in John’s Children either.


You know what; Marc Bolan actually wrote so many amazing songs, he is such an underrated artist and often referred to the “teeny bopper” genre; but when you actually sit and properly listen and have respect from his musicianship – he was bloody brilliant! An absolute icon of his time. You know what? I’m gonna start listening to the Bolan again!

Don’t forget to find me on social media, please do reach out for whatever reason it may be, I am all ears! Keep your eyes peeled for the next Top 10 Songs by my Childhood bands; reckon it could get interesting.
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Remember to Keep A Little Marc In Your Hearts ❤

KALMIYH my loves x

Jodie x ❤ x

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Life Update : It’s 2019!?

My last life update was in October, so I thought now was a pretty good time to do another 🙂 

In all honesty, I have not a dicky bird what I am actually going to write/talk about in this blog! I hope it’s somewhat entertaining!
I have also done a YouTube video on this, with slightly different content – so if you wish to check that out, click here and you’ll get more JodieBowie-ness.


I’ve got quite a few gigs booked in for this year. I really want to get out more and go and see bands I wouldn’t usually go to see – or even just go to different shows in general!
I obviously went to see Inglorious with support from City of Thieves and they were absolutely fabulous! City of Thieves blew everyone away, and Inglorious were everything I wanted them to be and more.
I’m also going to see Stone Broken & Those Damn Crows at the 1865.
I shall also be going to see The Rocky Horror Show along with Rock of Ages and An Inspector Calls, and I would really love to see my fave comedian Russell Kane again. Feel free to recommend things for me to go and see… I want to open my eyes more and broaden my horizons – my mind needs expanding!
Believe it or not I am working so much and so hard on my gigs, that I just want to go and chill out and watch other people to break it all up.


My ickle boy Billy & TedBear have been in my life for one whole year now! I can still remember picking them out, bringing them home and how tiny they were. Not so little now, and they are definitely a whole lot more cheekier. They are still the best decision I have ever made in my life, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.
Does Teddy still bite? Sometimes. I think he just doesn’t like my fake nails, otherwise he’s a good boy. I do recommend rats as pets, especially if you suffer from mental health – as long as you can cope with the smell, then they are awesome creatures who are so loving and have such individual personalities.


I’m looking to get JodieBowie Rock Nights into more venues across the UK, and not just Southampton. I think it seems to be going well, I’m started to get picked up on and a lot of bands seem really interested in playing on my line-ups, and I’m always getting positive feedback from people – so hopefully things can only go upwards. I will be also starting a couple of new blog series to freshen things up a bit; I’m going to finally publish my Top 10 songs from my childhood, with will include blogs about bands such as T.Rex, Suede, David Bowie etc and I shall also being doing a series on my favourite musicians in the NWOCR scene. My Band Chats seem to be really well received, as are my Top 5 Songs of the month so I will of course continue with them. I do also vlog, I’m not really sure of the direction of my vlogs as of yet, but most people seem to be interested in gigs/evenings out, so I shall probably do more gig vlogs and show some ‘behind the scenes’ of a Rock Night or something.
As for Dates: 
29th March @ The Heartbreakers, Southampton : Western Sand, Beth Blade & 27 Days.
18th May @ Hangar 18, Swansea : Beth Blade, Scarlet Rebels & The Black Tree Vultures.
21st June @ The Joiners, Southampton : Our Propaganda, Crooked Shapes & Spyder Byte.
Keep your eyes out for more shows though, as there is plenty still to be announced!
I’m also thinking about having a “house band” – so 1 band that plays every Rock Night; but we will see.


I have also decided to set myself monthly goals. Some are silly little ones like “no chocolate for a month” and some are proper goals that will actually impact my life. I came up with this idea when my friends kept pointing out what exactly was effecting my life and I decided I should probably take their advice.
I’m a huge procrastinator and I never stick to goals – so my way of making myself actually complete them is to plan a weekend away with all of my best friends. However, we only get to go if I actually complete my goals!! I care about my pals a lot more than myself, and all I want to do is make them happy. So this is definitely making me want to stick to my guns. Plus I think it’s going to be an awesome time – everyone is properly meeting one another on my Birthday, so hopefully everyone gets along.

My mental health is not brilliant right now. I’ll keep it super basic, as I’m always getting told I’m faking it or I’m an attention seeker – or I get told I’m mad haha.
I think the problem is mostly with the medication. I’ve come quite inconsistent with taking them lately, especially as I’ve started drinking alcohol again (not in a bad way). The important thing is I am actually happy, I have a really good life, I’m super lucky to have the friends that I have and they support me unconditionally – I just get moments where I intensely do not want to be here. Most important advice I can give to anyone else who feels in a similar way, is to contact the friends who actually make you smile and listen – what ever you do, do not speak to people who’s immediate response is to ask you if you’re drunk or say “what the f*ck is wrong with you”.

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Tickets are selling super well, so I do advise that you get them whilst you can! Just click here to get directly to the ticket link. I am also going to be printing off some physical tickets if anyone would prefer to buy physical tickets, just drop me and email on, they will also be available to buy at all my Rock Nights.
I’ve almost finished the line-up timings, which is quite exciting. People will receive an email with all the information closer to the date. I’m looking into getting a few local businesses involved also, and I am of course still looking for volunteers – please please do get in touch if you would like to help out!!

I have thought about the possibility of getting away to somewhere completely new – where there are no bad memories for me, and I can start my own happiness sort of thing? I do really like being near the sea, so it would be a place near the coast still. I mean, it’s a thought at the moment – nothing official, but it could possibly be quite beneficial for me to actually start over again.

I think that is all I have to update you guys on at the moment, please do reach out to me on any of my social media platforms :
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That’s all for now folks 😉

Jodie x ❤ x

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Band Chat : An Interview with Sam Millar

Hello, hello, hello! It’s that time of the month where I have another glorious band chat interview to delight your eyes and ears – this time it’s with the lovely Sam Millar from BigFoot!


Bigfoot are a  5 piece hard rock band from Wigan. In the short time since forming the band have toured heavily and had 3 releases. After two successful self released EP’s the band signed to Frontiers Records and released their self titled debut album in October 2017 which charted in the UK top 40 rock albums.

I am personally a fan of Sam as a guitarist, I really do enjoy his style – I enjoy watching his covers as well as listening to the sound of BigFoot. You may also note that Bigfoot are in fact playing NOZFEST in Southampton on the 10th August; ticket info will be linked below.


Who are your main influences?
My main influences include Queen, Guns n Roses, Toto, Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith, Def Leppard and Lynyrd Skynyrd but I try to listen quite a broad spectrum of music and it can vary from time to time.

As a guitarist I’m particularly influenced by Brian May, Steve Lukather, Zakk Wylde, Slash, Neil Schon and Lindsay Buckingham.

Have you any tips for young musicians wanted to start out a similar career?
I guess just be realistic and try and understand what you’re getting yourself in to. It certainly isn’t easy and it’s a career that takes a lot of dedication and hard work. But it’s the best feeling in the world when you have a great gig.

Have you always wanted to be a guitarist?
Since I first picked up a guitar when I was around 8 years old yeah. Before that I always knew I wanted to do something in the performing arts relm, I remember at one point wanting to be an actor. But when I started taking music seriously it just clicked for me.

Do you think image is an important part of a performance? If so, why?
I do, I don’t necessarily think that it should be as the music should speak for itself but we are all guilty of being drawn in by something visually before we’ve heard it. But I think live shows in particular you want to see someone step into a roll of something larger than life and you’re simply not going to get that vibe from someone who steps out in the stage in a t-shirt and sweat pants… At least I don’t think you would.

What has been your favourite show you’ve played to date?
That’s a difficult one as there’s been a lot of great festivals such as Steelhouse, Hard rock hell, Bloodstock, Rockingham etc. But I think I’d have to say when we play a local sell out show like the last one in Manchester where the entire room know every one of your songs and they’re louder than the band there’s nothing like it.

Do you have any advice for touring musicians?
Don’t eat curry if you have a long journey the next day. But seriously just look after yourself and make sure you’re going out and playing your best every night. There’s a a time and a place to go out and party but as un-rock n roll as it sounds you need to get a lot of rest, touring is exhausting as it is.

Do you have a particular favourite song to play live?
This changes all the time depending on new material or what mood I’m in. I love the stuff where me and Mick get to bounce off each other and there’s lots of dual guitar stuff. At the moment I’d say it’s probably the fear though…. I think that’s just because it’s the final song before our encore at the moment and that’s kind of the peak time in the set.

What has been your biggest achievement so far with Bigfoot?
I think personally my own development as a songwriter. I’ve always been a writer but I feel over the past few years I’ve improved dramatically.

As a band I think our debut album entering the Top 40 Rock charts in the UK was pretty cool. None of us expected that so we were blown away by the response.

You have played many festivals – which has been your favourite to play?
I think Steelhouse was my favourite in 2015. Everything seemed to go right. We were a new band opening the festival so we were pretty unknown but the crowd took to us and made us feel really welcome which was great. A lot of our fans saw us there for the first time and have followed us ever since.

Who is your biggest hero?
Qui-Gon Gin

Is there anything that people should keep an eye out for?
Upcoming tour dates, there’s a lot in the pipeline already for 2019 along with plans for our 2nd album!

If you could be a part of any band in the world, or work with the musicians you wanted to, who would it be and why?
I’ve always since I first started playing wanted to play for Whitesnake. I don’t know why, probably just because so many iconic guitarists have been through that band. I just love to make music so I’m always looking to play more. I’m actually thinking of doing an Abba tribute band called ‘Mamma Millar’

Name 3 bands you think people should check out:
The Struts, Voodoo Blood & Shiraz Lane.


Hope you guys have enjoyed this months Band Chat with the marvellous Sam Millar! Don’t forget to check out my last band chat featuring Chez Kane from Kane’d 🙂

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See you guys on the next one!

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