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Time for a Favourite Guitarists blog! I was overwhelmed by the amount of feedback the first blog in this series got (click here to read), so I’m pretty excited to share with you all my fave guitarists! LET’S GO! 


I love Kris Barras – I go into a trance watching him play I really do. Blows my mind every single time ❤ Kris Barras has got to be the best guitarist I know. I can honestly just watch/listen to him all day and just disappear into another world. When a musician can make you do that, you know they are pretty damn good. Kris has got everything you’d ever want in a guitarist in my personal opinion – he has an amazing style, a brilliant band that compliments his abilities, accompanied with an incredible tone. It’s not a surprise he’s gotten where he is.

Propane – Kris Barras Band


Another Mason Hill lad made it onto the list! I just really love the sound he gives to Mason Hill, it wouldn’t be Mason Hill without James Bird – simple as that. His stage presence is also one that adds so much to the band in general; he has a pretty rock ‘n’ roll stance, I also get the impression that James is quite a humble person which is what makes his skills so much more impressive and inspiring. He is a joy to watch perform.

Now You See Me – Mason Hill


How majestic is that hair man?! I really like Sam’s style of guitar, and I love his entire image on stage also – the hair, the white Les Paul, ripped jeans… everything just so perfect but rock ‘n’ roll at the same time, that’s what I like in a band. It’s such a shame Bigfoot are coming to an end, if you have the chance to see them this year TAKE IT! Come to Nozfest if you have to 😉 Bigfoot is a band not to be missed out on – plus you’ll get to check out Sam’s awesome skills for yourselves.

Mamma Mia – Rock Cover – Sam Millar


The lad himself!! I’ve always loved George’s style, I really love riffy bands and riffy guitarists and George is one of those people. If you also follow him on Instagram you’ll see that he is actually very talented and can play all different styles. George has a very rock ‘n’ roll sound which you can hear throughout his entire career in the music business – his tone just adds so much to the music that the band performs.

Let It Go – Crooked Shapes


It should be no surprise that Ronnie Wood is my all time favourite guitarist. I just absolutely love his style; he’s quite a relaxed player, but that is what makes him so good in my opinion – I really just don’t like technical guitarists and I really don’t appreciate shredders. I like to hear someone’s passion, and I just don’t get that vibe from shredding. I can actually pick out Ronnie’s guitar parts in Stones songs and just listen to them if I want to. ❤

Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones

I hope you enjoyed this blog – don’t worry, there is still a lot more to come in this series 😉
Hopefully you have discovered some new awesome guitarists also ❤

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See you on the next one sweethearts!

Jodie x ❤ x

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Top 5 Songs of May

It’s May, May friggin MAY! Getting closer to those hotter months when rock ‘n’ roll is at its finest! Let’s crack on with this shall we… 
You can click here to read last months Top 5 ❤ 

Remember there is a YouTube playlist which includes all these wonderful songs from each month, and also a Spotify playlist which you can find via searching for ‘jodieharris15‘.


“She knows where she’s going, she knows where the hell she’s been…”

This is very reminisncet of Steel Panther, but without the dirtiness. The hair in this band is flamin’ incredible – I hear these guys are playing Camden Rocks this year… GO CHECK THEM OUT! I highly recommend it. Who thinks Collateral and JodieBowie should work together in the future? I think we should 😉
Angelo, do you mind if I steal your hairstyle? 😛
I’ll stop now – this is a very happy tune, and very summery which suits all times of the day, so you can play it 24/7 😉
Just as I am typing this I have seen that Collateral are actually coming to Southampton with Piston on the 24th September at the Joiners – feckin’ dream come true right there ❤ 


“I like my bands in business suits, I watch them on TV…”

100% inspired by American Psycho. “HEY, PAUL!”. I have an unhealthy obsession with psychopaths, I think Norman Bates will always be my favourite but Patrick Bateman is a hunk and a half… corr blimey!
I have been playing this song every single time I do my makeup, and I’ve managed to come up with some pretty creative looks – it’s cool how music can influence your mood and makeup you know. This is my go-to-tune to make my smile and put me into a “I’m gonna achieve something today” mood. If Patrick Bateman can murder a guy to this tune, then I can definitely reply to my emails when this tune is on 😉
Incase you haven’t seen American Psycho – check out this link!


“Yeah, here comes the water, it comes to wash away the sins of you and I, this time you see…”

F*CK ME this is a banger!! I mean, what should I really expect from Slash? Is it bad I think I prefer these guys to Guns ‘n’ Roses, or is that too controversial? I have no idea how I found this song – it was probably Spotify, but I didn’t save it anywhere, so it’s a miracle I was able to remember it. Definitely recommend checking out this band if you want something that isn’t ‘Guns ‘n’ Roses’. 😉


“I gotta feel it in my blood, whoa oh, I need your touch, don’t need your love, whoa oh…”

This banger randomly popped up on my Spotify one day whilst I was at work, and I was like “damn, I’ve not heard this for ages, yaaas!!” and now I’m addicted.
It reminds me of one of my friends, which is a little irritating – but it is a banger of a tune, so I can briefly forget about that just to enjoy the essence of this great song. Hopefully I don’t decide to skip this tune every time it comes on my Spotify now. DAMN it’s annoying when a memory can ruin a flippin’ awesome song.


“You catch me eye, there’s no surprise, I’m dead inside…”

I might be biased but, Welsh bands are feckin’ awesome!! I am so happy that I am able to put on Rock Nights in Wales now – that’s one career goal ticked off!
Sadly, I didn’t get to catch the Rebels at my Rock Night but these guys are bloomin’ fabulous! I highly recommend checking them out.
This song is so epic I can’t even explain – just listen to it! You’ll instantly like it and have it stuck in your head or on repeat.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this months TOP 5 – I think this Top 5 is very different to what usually goes into my most played songs of the month. What do you think? Did I mention any of your faves? Have you discovered some new bands?

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Seeya soon beauties ❤

Jodie x ❤ x

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Life Update – Bullies, Rock Nights and Veganism!

I haven’t done a written Life Update for a few months now, I did do a video at the beginning of April if you didn’t see; but I feel like now is a pretty good time to do a blog post. Enjoy 😉 

This may well be a lengthy blog post, so grab a cup of tea or make yourself a coffee get yourself a snack, sit back and read away 😉


By now you have probably figured that I am pretty open when it comes to mental health, and I do want to talk about it because other people might be feeling the same and at least they’ll know they are not completely alone.
Some of it is genuinely private, but I’ll share what I feel comfortable with talking about.
I have been really struggling with self hate. I have improved recently, and I think that has to do with actually talking openly to my friends and also with what I eat. I also decided to make some new friends, and get out and see those people and that’s been a really positive experience for me too, so I can’t say I hate myself right now… I do need to ‘own’ my weirdness a bit more, but I now have people in my life who love my weirdness for me. I do genuinely have the best people helping me with my mental health, and I am lucky and I probably should appreciate that more.

I have also realised that I don’t need someone in order to make me happy, I am happy as I am, I just happen to have depression – but that doesn’t define me as someone who is lonely and sad. You can still be happy and have depression, and I think that’s me. It’s just taken some life experience to discover that. 🙂

My first WELSH Rock Night didn’t go too badly! For my first time putting on a show outside of Southampton, and only had 4 previous Rock Nights under my belt… it went pretty well you know. Obviously can’t thank the people enough who came along, you guys are awesome – perhaps I’ll get some more Welsh dates 😉
My next Rock Night is the 21st June at the Joiners in Southampton with Our Propaganda, Crooked Shapes and Spyder Byte; and the rest are as follows :
13th July @ Stage Door : Yur Mum, Wicked Jackals, Capulas
11th October @ Stage Door : The Outlaw Orchestra, These Wicked Rivers, Trouble County
22nd November @ Stage Door : Western Sand, Crooked Shapes, Rite Off
14th December @ The Joiners!!! TBA.

As for 2020 – yes, I have already booked in shows for next year! I am going to be working with the venues that support me the most. So all my Southampton shows will be taking place at The Stage Door, and I have booked in more Welsh dates as well and they are all at the Hangar 18 in Swansea. I’m sure there will be opportunities with the 1865 as well. Bands who want to book in some shows for next year, hit me up! All slots are open at the moment and I have 6 dates so far. GO GO GO!


We all know how much I love my boys, and I love sharing them with you when I do these sort of blogs. They really are my world.
Teddy is so much better since I last updated you all – he still does bite, but we’ve got used to each other now and there is definitely no bad beef.
My BillBobs is still my soulmate for sure – we are so close I wish I could explain it without sounding insane. He’s just always there!
I’m pretty sure these two boys are the only rats I’ll own. I do really want more ratties, but I’m so close to Billy I just can’t imagine having another rat in my life like that? Does that make sense? There are other pets I want, so I’ll venture down those avenues before owning rats again but they have changed my life so much, added so much love to my life – if you need some love or want to channel your energy into something out, if you have time and money etc then rats really do make amazing pets ❤

I have been getting bullied. I didn’t really realise that it was bullying until my Dad mentioned it to my Mum. Thankfully it has hopefully all stopped now, but I thought I’d drop it in because bullying isn’t always just kids in playgrounds – can happen through all aspects of life. That is literally all I am going to say.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to go and see more live music, and so far this year I am doing pretty good at sticking to that. I am enjoying checking out new bands, and new music and I’m actually learning to enjoy gigs in a different way as well. I’m not so fussed if I’m not right at the front anymore – sometimes it’s nice to just chill at the back and have a little boogie to yourself without having to bounce off the person stood within your proximities. I of course vlog gigs now which you can watch on my YouTube channel linked below.
I have tickets to HRH Sleaze and HRH13, so I am looking forward to going to them of course – so many bands are touring this year, and coming to Southampton! I swear I’m buying more gig tickets every other week. Looking forward to seeing Kris Barras, Buckcherry with support from the Treatment, Black Star Riders, The Struts… gosh… so much goodness!! ❤

58377805_646957945755196_6859434702994931712_n 60954391_604509186699309_9098863773917118464_n

In my REAL life, not the life that all you guys get to see and know about, there has been some stuff happening.
My Nan sadly passed away in March after battling Cancer for 8 months. I do want to say I am super proud of her for lasting as long as she did as she was only given 3 days to live and she made it 8 whole months. It was also my first funeral, and it wasn’t nice. It hasn’t really sunk in that she isn’t here anymore as I didn’t really get to know her until a few months before she passed away, but I definitely wish that I got to have more time with her because she was a very beautiful lady and I could tell she loved me for me and all my weirdness which is a rarity in family for me.
On that note, I am also so proud to be a Harris – when I hang out with my Dad and his cousins (who I now call my cousins) I feel like I fit in and that I have family. I also got to see my Auntie Wendy again, I love her, she is so awesome! Dad often says that I remind him of her… we definitely have similar traits – I just love us Harris’.
I myself have just been super quiet and not seeing many of my friends etc – but I’m starting to change that, like I said I’ve started to make new friends and that is helping my happiness. I’ve also started playing around with make-up and it is seriously one of my favourite things to do! I have so many Jeffree Star products that I might as well get some good and proper decent use out of them, and I am really enjoying experimenting with different looks, and getting inspired by musicians and fictional characters, it’s just so much fun! I think I’m just having fun discovering what I feel most comfortable and confident in, style wise, at long last.


Vegetarian Breakfast @ The Cliffhanger Café in Highcliffe

I have also been setting myself monthly goals – which I am still keeping on top of which is awesome! Part of that was to slowly cut out meat; before I get loads of comments, I’m absolutely in no way a strict-vegan, but I want to try and be healthier and I really want to just make my own food etc. I cleared out one of the cupboards at home, and I basically do my own food shopping and cook my own meals and I am so much more happier doing that now, and I definitely prefer trying vegan options just because I’m eating things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. I did start off just eating fish, then I went vegetarian, and now I’m trying to go vegan. I mean, if you offered me to try some of your food OR there was no vegan/vegetarian option that I like then I’m not going to turn down a regular option BUT I’ve never really been a massive fan of the taste or texture of meat so I can’t say I miss it or actively crave it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to force veganism down your throats, however I totally recommend trying a vegan option when you eat out… or at least giving jackfruit a try because it is freakin’ amazing! I had a jackfruit burrito at Revolucion de Cuba and it was amazinggg!
Basically just want to be healthier and happier, and buying the food I want was one of the biggest steps I could make in that direction and I LOVE IT ❤

To add to that, I definitely recommend setting yourself monthly goals – they really do help, and I’m glad they were something I decided to do this year. They work if you stick to them 😉 They are there for a reason…. for happiness 😀

It’s kind of amazing how much food really can impact your mental health as well as your physical health.


My getaway to Brighton was well needed. I learnt a lot whilst I was away and my eyes were well and truly opened. I think it’s the start of me finally healing and moving forward and becoming a better person. I want to briefly touch on the fact that me and my best friend had a tiny falling out, if you can even call it that, but I’m really happy we managed to sort it out pretty quickly and easily without any dramas or nastiness… I haven’t had that with many friends in the past and I really appreciated that. Anyway, the actual holiday was pretty fun – it was my bestest friends birthday and we stayed at my friends place in Southwick. I designed a leopard print cake for his 20th, we went to GAK, Caroline of Brunswick, The Neptune, ate way too much pizza and watched far too much Psycho, but it was nice to not be at home and actually SEE my friend.
All in all, I am just so thankful and delighted to have my best friend back.

Nozfest is all going well, bands are doing ticket competitions as are local radios and other companies. There is a lot of interest coming from bands who want to take part, so if Nozfest takes off I’m sure the line-ups are just going to get more and more fun and adventurous each time. I also still have some offers and merch giveaways to come to do keep your eyes out for them. The line-up has also changed ever-so slightly – The Wicked Jackals are now playing, and I am so damn thrilled and excited about that fact and I’m very happy to have them be a part of my first ever festival – check them out, show them some love ❤


I know this has been a lengthy post, but I hope you’ve somewhat enjoyed this update!!

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See you soon you amazing people ❤

Jodie x ❤ x

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Top 5 Songs of April

How the heck are we in April… nearly May? Where on Earth did the time go? Before we know it they’ll be blimmin’ Christmas songs on this Top 5! 
Anyway, let’s crack on! Don’t forget to check out last months by clicking here

Remember there is a YouTube playlist which includes all these wonderful songs from each month, and also a Spotify playlist which you can find via searching for ‘jodieharris15‘.


“I really used to love her, then the kitty she discovered, it’s got to be a sexual thing…”

Been addicted to this jam since seeing The Dirt! It is definitely one of my happy songs now ❤ It has got me through a few proper long busy days at work. How can you not like this catchy tune? Another song that is reminiscent of summer… roof down on a posh car, just cruising along, yes mate! SING IT TOGETHER NOW…. *it’s the same old, same old situation* – watching The Dirt really did remind me exactly why I love working with bands so much; even though right now I’m highly considering throwing in the towel next year.


“Give me dopamine, give me anything you want… give me gasoline…”

I was lucky enough to get to hear this album before it came out officially!
This song is so damn rock ‘n’ roll – it’s become my new “f*ck you” song.
Jacob, I love you so much ❤ I am so so proud of you guys, ah man I just wanna cuddle you all so tightly right now!
That opening lyric really does grab you by the balls though – if that doesn’t make your ears perk up ready to listen to some proper decent rock ‘n’ roll, then nothing will in my opinion. This is also an amazing song to stick in your ears when you’ve got to walk somewhere, or you’re on a mission for success 😉


“Well, I ain’t superstitious, and I don’t get suspicious but my woman is a friend of mine…”

This is such a summer song – absolutely perfect on those sunny days! This is the sort of tune you’d stick on whilst out in the back garden with friends, cooking up a proper delicious BBQ, drinking far too much wine and just loving life and the summer sun. I discovered this tune via my Dad, and loved the riff. We know I’m a sucker for a riffy song, and this delivers on all accounts. So 70’s!
Honestly, 70’s music is absolute PERFECTION during the summer – I’m a 70’s lady truthfully, as much as I love my New Wave of Classic Rock and all things alike, I’m a 70’s chick at heart ❤


“I love you and now that you’re six feet underground…”

I was researching some Jeffree Star songs ready for when I recreate a Jeffree Star look for my Instagram, and I came across this one. I soon realised over and hour had passed and I had been listening to this song on REPEAT. I just couldn’t stop playing it. This is completely different to all the other songs I have ever put in one of these blogs, but it’s so damn catchy and I like it!
If you don’t know who Jeffree Star is PLEASE research him – he is one of my biggest inspirations, and not just for make-up. His life story is one I constantly remind myself of when I feel like giving up. Do I own all his make-up? Uh, well, I own most of it yes… but him as a human-being inspires me everyday to keep at it even when I want to really give up. It also helps a tiny bit that he is also incredible beautiful of course ❤
P.S Fun Fact : Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue actually helped design one of Jeffree’s tattoos that he has on his neck – have some of that 😉 


“Maybe I’m the one who is, the schizophrenic psycho yeah…”

How have I only just found this?! None of you probably really know but I am OBSESSED with Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Bloch and anything related i.e Norman Bates, Bates Motel, the movies, the books etc and I’ve finally found a song with all the aspects of it in. The music video is fantastic, it features Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton as well as the Psycho house and motel – FUCK YES! I love how they included the shower scene, except she dies from slipping on a banana skin… and of course the iconic ‘mother’ which is actually Wes Scantlin – YAS! This is like everything I’d ever want in a music video/song about Psycho if I was to make one myself. This has just made me fall in love with Psycho and bands all over again!! ❤
I should probably add it isn’t just a shout-out to Psycho, there is also Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist references. A MUST for fans of Horror 😉


Well, that is it for this months TOP 5! I hope you’ve discovered something new or at least one song has tickled your fancy!

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Catch you soon!

Jodie x ❤ x

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Top 10 Songs by David Bowie

Next in my Top 10 Songs by Bands From My Childhood, we have the mighty David Bowie. You can check out the first blog in this series HERE. Enjoy 😉 


David Bowie, was my more ‘hard core’ music phase when I was a teen. I started with Marc Bolan when I was 13, then when I reached 15 I thought David Bowie was better, and started moving more towards his music. Never stopped being a fan of the Bowie.

When he died, it actually broke my heart. It still does actually; and I know how bizarre it sounds to genuinely grieve over someone you never met, but waking up to countless text messages all reading “David Bowie has died”… I died inside that day. I booked an appointment at my tattooists immediately, and the next day I was getting the Aladdinsane lightning bolt tattooed on my ribs – thank you Matt.

A few boys I ‘dated’ picked up on the Bowie side of me. One quoted ‘Sorrow’ to ask me on a date. Another did his own rendition of ‘Dancing in the Street’, and sang ‘Ziggy Stardust’ at me in his car, then locked me in until I agreed to meet him for a drink haha – don’t worry, he was harmless. Bowie’s death and music is actually quite personal to me… you’ll be lucky if I ever openly discuss it with you.

There was a boy in my year at school who dyed his hair jet black one year and styled it sort of like Jeff Beck/Ronnie Wood, and it made him look EXACTLY like David Bowie (he had the teeth, the nose, the accent….) – he sat next to me in history class, and I died every time we had to talk. No idea what happened to him?

I dyed my hair bright red when I was 16 which was my homage to Bowie… and it literally stuck until I was 21. I have an intense feeling it will probably make a come back as well. My photography teacher was a massive Bowie fan, so we bonded over that and also I used to write poems and hand them into my English Teacher, I was a proper weirdo.

The ‘JodieBowie‘ name was a thing before his passing. It’s stuck around for over 8 years; everyone referred to me as Bowie throughout my teen years! ❤

Mask - 051

The peek of my Bowie-esque phase.

So, in no particular order….

“Is it any wonder, I reject you first?”
Watching the video to this just made me think… “damn… am I just attracted to people who remind me of David Bowie?” – I’m not sure how that epiphany happened… but… I think it could be a possibility evolving from my sub-conscious brain.
Anyhow, Fame was a song I over played A LOT. It’s a proper classy song. Nothing more to add.

“Hunt you to the ground they will, mannequins with kill appeal”
I felt proper grown up when I went and bought the album from HMV. I was like “yeah, my music tastes have matured.. I’ve moved on from Ziggy, I’m a grown up now”. I was so proud of myself when I learnt the lyrics to this, and could actually sing it without sounding like a cat being strangled.

“Is heaven any sweeter than blue jean”
This is actually my favourite David Bowie song, and the video… perfection. I had a major crush on Bowie in this video. I used to do my makeup like him in this video – I basically had a gold face; but I was loving life and thought I was hot as hell. I would turn up at Sixth Form dressed in the most random of clothes and makeup, and the comment from teachers would be “Oh, Jodie is Bowie today”. Guess that’s where “Jodie Bowie” came from.

“Suck baby suck, gimme your hand”
My Dad set up a mic stand for me in my bedroom, and I’d come home and whack on my snake skin thigh high heeled boots and sing this in the mirror. I was the coolest cat around believe me. I was indeed single till I was 21… this was probably why – I was too busy being a dude myself 😉 (to be fair… I still am :’) )

“Now hear this Robert Zimmerman…”
Hunky Dory is my favourite Bowie album – it is absolute genius. I’ve chosen this one out of all the other classics because I feel like not many non-Bowie fans have heard it. I just think it’s a really clever song, it’s so soft and cute… it’s lovely.

“Here I am, not quite dying, my body left to rot in a hollow tree…”
I remember when the video for this came out. Man did it cause a fuss! Also no one had actually seen Bowie for years, so it was like his first ‘I’m back’ video. There’s prostitutes, priests, nuns, sadists…. and himself as God/Jesus of course.

“Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim”
How could I not include this? Although, I am including this because it’s mine and my Dads song. I’m sure this is a personal fave for so many people out there. It is very over-played these days, I’d love to see some more less classic Bowie tunes being covered.

“I don’t believe in modern love”
This was my little teeny love song when I was at school. There was a boy in my history class, who looked EXACTLY like David Bowie – mate, I would fan girl so damn hard, I was genuinely a melted heap on the floor whenever he acknowledged me; in fact all my friends called him ‘Bowie‘ as a codename. We were partners in P.E as well – that wasn’t embarrassing at all *face palm*. Have to admit, my taste in men hasn’t changed one bit….. but luckily I can just about refrain from peeing myself when I see someone I fancy; I just fall off chairs, snort, and spill my drinks now ahaha!

“Nothings going to touch you in these golden years”
Bowie was truly at his finest and absolute coolest when he was the Thin White Duke ❤ That man….. DAMN. Gotta love me a Thin White Duke! So many people love Ziggy because he is just such an iconic character of the 70’s, but The Duke was a genius even if he was taken over by cocaine.

“Gimme your hands… cos you’re wonderful”
I cry every time at this song. This song was Bowie killing off Ziggy Stardust to become a new persona/alter-ego (Halloween Jack). However, it hits home just a little bit more following his death. This song also saved my life many many times, when I was battling deep and dark thoughts… “Oh no love, you’re not alone!”… and I never will be alone.
Was a track I turned to a lot when I went through self-harm.


Bowie is an absolute icon, and I’m sure he’s going to stay as a very important figure in my life for the rest of my time here on Earth too. We even have the lightning bolt featured on the Nozfest logo… he really is included in all aspects of my life.
To meet someone who feels the same feelings about Bowie, would be an absolute dream come true. Imagine just chilling to some pure genius, bottle of wine, the sound of vinyl crackling… and to be in proper decent company….. one can dream.

P.S Please say “ashes to ashes, fun to funky” at my eventual funeral.

I hope you enjoyed delving through my love of David Bowie. I think Bowie is very personal and sacred to quite a few people out there… and I’m sure he’s touched every musicians life at some point. Miss you my love ❤

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We could be hereos… just for one day….

Jodie x ❤ x

Mica drawing

JodieBowie : NOZFEST Bands

I guess this is more of a playlist, but I just wanted to share some music from the bands who are playing my festival on the 10th August at the 1865 in Southampton. I usually play these songs to get myself psyched up for it all. Watching these videos and hearing their music makes me so proud of my festival line-up and makes me so happy and completely in love with my achievement – I just HAVE to share it with you guys!!

Facebook Banner Final

I can remember, one evening in the middle of May 2018 I started thinking about how I could push myself even further, and I thought why not try a festival. I can remember by buddy Luke phoning me in the early hours of Monday morning and I said “wouldn’t it be cool if I put on a festival”, he said “yeah, why don’t you do that then”… and to keep a short-ish story even shorter…. HERE IT IS!! Bizarre thing life ❤

SO let’s get on with it! If you haven’t heard of some (or any) of the bands who are playing Nozfest then this blog is for you – check out all the links below from some top quality rock ‘n’ roll.
Do I have a favourite band on this line-up? I actually don’t! I adore them all!! ❤

27 DAYSDead Man Walking
Stage time : 2pm

27 Days

Kickstarting the whole shebang will be this awesome Bournemouth based young band. They went down an absolute treat at my Rock Night on the 29th March, I have received a lot of good messages about them from people who saw them play, so I am so proud and happy to have them on my festival. You guys really do need to hear them! If you’re into bands such as Bon Jovi and Guns ‘n’ Roses then this band will delight your eyes and ears for sure.

Stage time : 3pm


These guys are new to the line-up. I am super excited to have them play NozFest – I personally feel that they are going to add a lot more to the line-up and make the day/show even more badass.
When this festival was just an idea in my head, I really wanted to give smaller bands who are passionate about what they do the chance to play with bigger bands, in a different town etc – after seeing these guys play my Rock Night back in November, I just knew I wanted them at more of my shows and luckily an opportunity arose to have them added to the Nozfest bill. I’m sure these guys are gonna go down a storm also ❤

Stage time : 4pm

Outlaw Orchestra

A band local to Southampton! These guys are very supportive of all my ideas so it is an absolute pleasure to have them play the festival. They are different to all the other bands on the line-up as well which mixes things up a bit which I think is a good thing – means there is something for everyone. They are a blimmin’ awesome live band too, so even if their style isn’t really your shot of rum, I’m sure you’ll still have a good time watching them perform.

Stage time : 5pm

Beth Blade

These guys were one of the first bands I booked for this festival. I am so proud of Beth and co and I’m thrilled to have them be a part of this. They absolutely blew the roof off my Rock Night on the 29th March and I am sure they are going to be highly anticipated at Nozfest. Having played Kiss Kruise back in 2018, this makes these guys one of the most exciting bands on the bill, so will NOT be disappointed – they know how to put on a show.

Stage time : 6pm


I feel pretty damn lucky to have such a legend be part of my first ever festival. When the idea first came about, Marco was keen to be a part of it – I wasn’t sure it would happen, but for some reason it has! Marco has been part of many bands including Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and The Dead Daisies, as well as being a musician in his own right. He shall be performing with his trio ❤

STOP, STOP!The Last Call
Stage time : 7pm

Stop Stop

These guys were of course the very first band I booked for Nozfest – if you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know pretty clearly that Stop, Stop! are my favourite band. With the release of their latest album ‘Get Selfied’ I hope that this show gives them the opportunity to gain even more fans. I know that Mr. Mendoza is very excited about finally seeing the boys (I am very proud of myself for getting them on the same line-up together… that is a bucket-list ambition ticked off!).

Stage time : 8pm 


Unfortunately this will be one of Bigfoot’s last ever shows! This is a very good reason in itself to get yourself down to Nozfest, just to check out Bigfoot whilst you still can. I cannot wait to see them play live. Any fans of the New Wave of Classic Rock will want to check out these guys before it’s too late… and look at who they are playing with…. come to the show!!!

Stage time : 9pm


So many people requested that Those Damn Crows should be a part of this roster – so they ARE! I heard you all, I listened… I got them ❤ Another absolutely remarkable Welsh band. These guys are insane live, I saw them support Stone Broken and they are a band to keep a close eye on that is for sure.

Stage time : 10pm

Massive Wagons

I am so over-whelmed that these guys are HEADLINING! I cried tears of happiness when I read the confirmation email. My ultimate dream/ambition for this festival came true; I still can’t really believe it – it’s very surreal.
Right from the very beginning I knew I wanted Massive Wagons as headliners for definite, but I honestly didn’t think that would even be a possibility let alone a reality ❤
Pretty sure I’ll be in tears when these guys hit the stage on the big day.


SOMEONE PINCH ME – I’m sure that I am dreaming all of this!

The really special thing about NOZFEST is that all the bands on the line-up have/are such great supporters of me and have known me for many years or are bands I look up to and am super inspired by daily. I wish I could marry this line-up!

All info on Nozfest and JodieBowie shall be linked below – go and check it out : 
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Thank you to each and every one of you who has ever supported me – none of this would be possible without you guys, and I really do mean thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to see you at some of my shows – come give me a hug! 😀

Catch ya soon

Jodie x ❤ x

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JodieBowie : The Dirt on “The Dirt”!

Is EVERYONE now a Motley fan?!
This isn’t a review or anything, this is just my opinion on The Dirt Motley Crue movie which is currently on Netflix and my experience watching it. Of course, if you don’t want spoilers then don’t read it, and you don’t have to read this if it isn’t of any interest.

Here we go……. kickstart my heart shall we 😉 


I genuinely really enjoyed the movie, I’m not an avid lover of Motley Crue so it was nice to also learn stuff about them – totally respect them even more as musicians now.
The comments about the poor acting is quite ridiculous; I couldn’t fault the acting at all, Tommy Lee was down to a tea, as was Nikki Sixx, but hey, it’s a film and I’m pretty sure they probably wanted to make something “fun” rather than a really intricate drama style thing… because that just isn’t Motley Crue.

Quite happy that John Corabi got a little heads up also. I loved all the drug and alcohol filled stories that were told, I love how much fun you can see the actors having playing their parts – there’s a scene where Tommy is running through a hotel pretty much naked getting chased by police… and you can tell they ain’t acting, that is their genuine excitement and laughter! I love the dynamic of the band, for example when they were rehearsing and the girlfriend looked really pissed off… I’m sure every girl who’s dated a musician as been there; accept me, because I LOVE all of that stuff.
When they did a little Tommy Lee recap where he says “everyday went something like this…“, I mean that is ME on a night out, relatable! I liked how I could see my friends bands doing similar things, and remember being a part of such antics – that’s always where I am most happiest.

The most used phrase throughout the entire movie for me was “I love bands” and “I love musicians”. If you want to know why I do what I do, or why I have so many music based friends… watch The Dirt and find out. Period.


I love Nikki Sixx – his image is everything! I was quite surprised that I could relate to what he went through in regards to family.
Being unwanted, then all of a sudden once you’re famous… everyone wants to know you. Last year some of my family decided to disown me, and yeah it does hurt – but I bet you, if I ever reach the scale of Nikki Sixx (which I doubt I will), they will probably want to tell everyone I’m a relative then.
I was ecstatic to find out Douglas Booth was playing him – adored him since he portrayed Boy George in “Mad About The Boy” ❤

I think Tommy Lee is my favourite member, he’s like the Ronnie Wood of Motley Crue. The youngest, the playful happy one – I love those kind of band members because they are always doing something silly, and it’s usually hilariously genius! I think he was portrayed brilliantly in the film. I love the fact that Machine Gun Kelly had to have all of his tattoos covered over, only to have Tommy Lee’s put over the top haha!!

I didn’t know an awful lot about Vince before watching this film – so I’m happy that I learnt something new, and I’m glad that they showed the ‘inside’ of a rock stars life if that makes sense. Musicians seemed to get a bad wrap all the time, and are often associated with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – was lovely to see him as a father, even if it was very sad. Everyone is human at the end of the day, even the toughest people still have emotions and I’m sure losing a child so young to something so horrible was absolutely heart-wrenching.

Watching the portrayal of Mick Mars by one of my favourite Welsh actors was awesome!
Almost every time he spoke I was like “that is my friend Luke!“; I am now determined to let Luke make him into Mick Mars… he has the perfect bone structure for it as well!
Think I have a new found love for Mick Mars now. Top respect for that bloke, and I’m glad he was the sane one of the band; that for sure makes him the coolest member – total LAD.


Modern Attitudes To Rockers:
I do however want to insert an opinion that all the stuff that went on in The Dirt.. happened in the 1980’s. SOO many people still think that any type of musician is like that… that is a very old fashioned opinion. Musicians are absolutely lovely and adorable – and if they are cheating on their wives and behaving like pricks, that is a picture of who they are as a person and not what ALL musicians are like.

Modern Motley:
Leading on from that, a lot of youngsters seem to believe that “rock ‘n’ roll” is a lifestyle. I have to disagree. Yes, I can understand how feckin’ awesome it must be to get absolutely mashed out of your skull at any given opportunity, however… that is just being childish. Waking up and not knowing what you’ve been doing is NOT cool. Drinking bottle after bottle after bottle of JD is NOT cool. Taking drugs is NOT cool. Sorry to be a spoil-sport, but if you believe that THAT is rock ‘n’ roll, and that is what musicians do, you’re in the wrong line of business. “Motley Crue did crazy stuff because they were Motley Crue“… think about that.
Image wise, I feel like originality needs to become a thing again – being inspired is cool, but don’t have the same sound and same image… be NEW… be a new breed of Motley, we don’t need nor want another carbon copy.
If you think being a mess is ‘rock ‘n’ roll’, then you’re not rock ‘n’ roll. Simple.


Moral of the story – if you like rock ‘n’ roll, and you like Motley Crue… WATCH IT!!
Or… if you fancy the pants off Douglas Booth, also watch it – he is seriously edible in guyliner and 80’s get up ❤
P.S If you like Rock of Ages… you’ll probably enjoy it – just WATCH IT!!! 

I’m glad I watched the film, it reminded me exactly why I work with bands and why I love them all so much, and why they are so dear to me and held close to my heart ❤
I even cried at the end, like proper crying… I’m not sure why, but it obviously tugged at my heart strings.
Bands and music are my entire world – that is all. One day I’ll be working with bands like that…. just you watch.

Right… now I’m gonna watch it all over again….
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We’ll be back to the Same Ol’ Situation next week 😉

Jodie x ❤ x

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